The AQUILA A211 is a single-engine airplane in composite construction and designed for cruising and training.

It is equipped with two side-by-side seats, low wings and a cruciform tail. The spacious, enclosed cockpit provides sufficient room even for tall pilots. Complete glazing of the canopy allows an excellent all-round vision.

Baggage compartment capacity and loading is meeting even the highest demands. Low fuel consumption and a high cruising speed allow a range that is exceptional in this category of aircraft.

Being well below future noise limits will allow aircraft operation at any airfield without any problems. After the approval of the Service Bulletin SB-AT01-010 by the EASA on March 25. 2010, the A210 & A211 can be operated under Day-VFR-conditions and under Night-VFR-conditions. Additional equipment must be installed for NVFR-operation.

The avionics of the AQUILA A211 come with three different options.


The classic A211 is equipped with analogue flight and engine instruments, which make the panel pleasantly functional.


The cockpit of the A211G looks a bit more modern. The Touchscreen GARMIN G500 TXi makes a lot overseeable and easy to operate. Beside it the analogue engine instruments are reliable.


Our A211GX is completely digital and up to date. Here, too, the Touchscreen GARMIN G500 TXi is used. Additionally, the Engine Monitoring System MVP-50P including Annunciator Panel shows you everything going on at the engine.