Greetings from Eisenach

Last Saturday, we capitalized on the lovely flyable weather and made a short trip to Eisenach. There, the AVIEUR Fly-In & Used Aircraft Market took place and we didn’t want to miss out on that. So we boarded an A211GX and an A212GX Turbo and flew to Eisenach-Kindel.

On the airfield we were not only met by collegues and visitors, there was also a succession of presentations. Despite the interesting schedule, we experienced unwaning interest in our AQUILAs. Of course the new Touchscreen GARMIN G500 TXI in the panel of our A211GX caused quite a stir again. Furthermore, our A212GX Turbo was put through its paces. In a test flight it conviced with its steady high climbing rate and wowed many a fairgoer.

It’s a pity the AVIEUR was only a one-day-fair, we would have gladly stayed a bit longer in Eisenach. In that case we probably wouln’t have had such an astonishing setting for our return flight. With a dark, overcast sky in our back, we flew toward the light and landed savely back in Schönhagen.

Sadly, this was our last trip for the time being. Since we can’t stand staying on the ground for long, we will certainly be on our way again, soon. Of course we’ll inform you when we hit the runway again. So, see you soon!

Your AQUILA Aviation-Team