Impressions from the AIR EXPO ZELL

On September 8th and 9th the AIR EXPO ZELL called and of course we wanted to answer that call. When we decided to depart, it didn’t look like as if we could reach our destination. Because of the weather, we didn’t dare to think about a direct flight from Schönhagen. During a stopover in Augsburg we waited for better conditions and finally subdued the Alps on Saturday. An A211GX and an A212GX Turbo conquered the Austrian airspace and landed safely in Zell am See in the afternoon.

On the grounds of the AIR EXPO, we rolled in position and were greeted not only with open arms, but also with wide eyes. A real eyecatcher was the new Touchscreen GARMIN G500 TXI in the panel of our A211GX, which makes flying even more pleasant. No wonder, one or two wanted to test sit in order to assure themselves, that inside our spacious cockpit everything is easier to operate, overseeable and accessible.

Zell am See was also the ideal place to present the new A212GX Turbo. Especially in the Alps, it’s of tremendous advantage to have a steady and high climbing rate. The turbo engine ensures, that our VLA quickly gains height and gets over mountain massifs smoothly. Especially on beautiful days like last Sunday, it’s truly formidable to look down on the mountains from great heights.

It was pleasant to see familiar faces and additionally getting to know new enjoyable people. All in all we had a very nice, successful weekend on the AIR EXPO. We were especially delighted, that we could enjoy such a large clientele. From our perspective, the fair was a complete success and we look forward to the next AIR EXPO.

If you didn’t have the time to visit Zell am See or if you just feel like taking a look at an AQUILA live, we’ve got good news for you. This weekend already, you get to see us again. On September 15th we are on the AVIEUR Fly-In & Used Aircraft Market at the Airfield Eisenach-Kindel (EDGE).

Just see us there, we look forward to welcoming you!

Your AQUILA Aviation-Team